touch of harmony...

touch of harmony...

Ayurveda Massage

Without going into too much detail, Ayurveda massage called Abhyanga means at its source "oil spread through the body."

This massage therapy is a very old body therapy which consists by spreading warm oil all over the body. Thus, the therapist works the patient from the tip of the toes to the tip of the hair.

Abhyanga Massage characterized by using warm oils chosen according to Dosha each patient (see page on the tridosha system for extensive information in the Dosha which characterizes more). In addition, this massage movements are long, continuous and deep. The pressure tap is on the need for the therapist feels the patient. So any energy blockage (nodes in neck, toxins in the legs, back pain etc ...) are eliminated leaving a feeling of fullness and well-being.

Alongside other massages beauty treatments, this can be a bit daunting for the depth of touch and rhythm that accompanies it. In fact, this massage aims not only the welfare and focuses particularly on some energy points of the body and reflexive. These same points influence our whole: body, mind and spirit.

There are several ways to designate the ayurvedic massage. Many are seeking to entice the customers with exotic names, but there are actually two practices this massage are:

ABHYANGA (described above)

The latter is practiced in many parts of South India and if you look on google will come across images of massage in which men, hanging by the arms, "spread oil" with their feet by the patient's body lying on the floor. At the origin of this massage are the martial arts (Kalarypayatu) and dance (Katikali). In fact, at the time of warriors, these men afforded massage each other in order to relax muscle tension occurred during the fighting.

Nowadays, you may get this kind of treatment in India, but in the western world, the practice of IntegratedMassage refers to a massage that involves very fast movements and deep realized on the floor. The patient lies on a futon (mattress) and your entire system joint and muscle is worked.

Some organizations call this yoga massage Ayurvedic massage. For, once again, try to get clients with pompous names ... But in this case even has a reason for being. Integrated Massage introduces therapeutic stretches that are not more than adaptations of yoga postures.

Thus, the therapist is the warrior in a position to provide most of the stretching massage and yoga positions are actually accompanied by the therapist. Thus, after the patient completely relaxed and refreshed through massage, is an ideal state to receive this treatment stretching masterfully directed by expert therapist.



Abhyanga Massage                                                                         Integrated Massage

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