touch of harmony...

touch of harmony...

Cream soap

Delicious creamy soap

Here is touch of harmony cream soap variety :


DSC03751 (2).JPG




raspberry and pomegranate cream



really sweet... the favorite of my female clients


100 gr: 6,5€/ 8CHF









gingerbread and caramel cream 

(pain d'épices/ Lebkuchen)



sucré et gourmand


100 gr: 6,5€/ 8CHF









vanilla pear cream



fresh and sweet... appropriated for male skins


100 gr: 6,5€/ 8CHF










coconut nougat cream



sweet and gluttonous 


100 gr: 6,5€/ 8CHF






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Cream soap... what is this?

Touch of harmony cream soap is an incomparable creamy product based on an olive oil soap.

This cream can be used as a shower gel or as liquid hand soap.


Here are the contents of my cream soap:


  • 100% olive oil soap (natural, without essential oils)
  • water
  • coconut oil
  • vegetable glycerin
  • essential oils (or plants extracts)
  • grapefruit seed extract (preservative)
  • natural dyes (mica, clay...)



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