touch of harmony...

touch of harmony...

The most common uses of essential oils

The most common uses of essential oils are:

• self-medication for comfort, calm and relaxation (baths, massages, cosmetics) and preparation for a good night sleep;
• a component of traditional medicine: Ayurveda, etc..
• Aromatic use in psychology.

Medical uses:

• disinfection and wound healing or treatment of injuries (burns, ...);
• supplementation with chronic medical treatment;
• dermatology and cosmetic dermatology;
• the choice of treatment by a qualified aroma therapist, pharmacist or naturopath.

The properties of essential oils are:

• Anti-infective: antibacterial, antifungal agents, pesticides, insecticides and repellents
• anti-inflammatory
• antihistamines
• antispasmodic
• analgesics, anesthetics and analgesics
• soothing, hypnotic and anxiolytic
• digestive properties
• antitoxic
• antivenin
• stimulating or soothing
• aphrodisiac
• etc..



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