touch of harmony...

touch of harmony...

SOAP... what's that?

When the toilet soap dissolves grease up the hydro-lipid film that covers the skin (sebum).
Fat is entrained in the water with the dirt contained therein. The downside is that the hydro-lipid film serves to protect the skin and retain its water.

Soaping or washing with products containing surfactants, such as shower gels and detergents thus weakens the skin, until the hydro-lipid film reconstructs (after hours).

The soap is basic (or alkaline). Its pH is around 11 for the traditional Marseilles and 7 for ours. During bathing, it disturbs the acidity of the skin (which is close to pH 5).

To summarize, the soap is composed mainly of carboxylate sodium or potassium (which are soap molecules), water and glycerol (or glycerin).
Glycerin is derived from the saponification. It provides moisturizing soap.

An ultra rich soap is enriched Superfatting agents, such as vegetable oils. The presence of oils limits drying due to the soap that removes greasy film (hydro lipid film) naturally covering skin.




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