touch of harmony...

touch of harmony...

AGENDA: Comptoir d'artisanat (craft fair) in Cortaillod - from 29.11.2013 till 01.12.2013

Good day to you all!


I will participate for the first time at the craft fair in Cortaillod (near Necuhâtel, Switzerland) from the 29.11.2013 till 01.12.2013.


For more information about this fair, please check their website (in French):


I am preparing myself with a lot of joy and my soaps with a big spoon of LOVE...


600 soaps already in the boxes, ready to be "tasted"...




DSC03660.JPG         DSC03661.JPG


There will be cream shower with delicate fragrances, bath salts, bath bombs and of course, the hero of the day.... SOAP!


Come and visit me, if you can! 


Opening hours:

Friday 29.11.2013 - from 18h till 21h

Saturday 30.11.2013 - from 10h till 20h

Sunday 01.12.2013 - from 10h till 18h


See you soon!



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